Working out with Bob Harper


I’ve been a huge fan of Bob Harper for several years now since I started watching the show “The Biggest Loser.”  I love his ability to motivate people and he’s such a kind, compassionate person.

I’ve been working out with his DVDs for a couple of years, but I always do the beginner workouts.  The hour-long workout was something that I’ve been afraid to try.  I finally decided to give one a try last week.  I made it through half of the workout before I decided that I was done.  My arms and legs felt like cooked spaghetti!  I was cussing out Bob!  For several days after, my glutes were really sore.  However, a couple of days later I did the workout again, and I was able to do it for 45 minutes.  Improvement!

Yesterday was week two and I was able to do about 50 minutes, but I also noticed that I was stopping to rest less frequently and some of the things that I had problems doing last week were getting a bit easier.  I’m really excited about this workout!  It’s a new challenge, and I really think it’s going to firm up my arms, core, and strengthen my legs, which is going to be beneficial for my running.

These days, I find myself looking for new physical challenges: I’m trying to run farther distances, I’m looking for workouts to make myself stronger, I’m hooked on hiking, and my husband and I are talking about getting bikes and doing an annual bike race across the state of Iowa next summer.  This healthy life is AWESOME!

Vegan Spock

5 thoughts on “Working out with Bob Harper

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. It is very inspiring and I am starting a fitness challenge on May 1st. Your blog makes me remember how much fun exercise can be. I do exercise, but I’ve not made it part of my schedule as I used to. I’m hoping the challenge will help me do just that.


    1. Patricia – thanks for those kind words! One of the reasons I started blogging was that I want to inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle! I want everyone to feel as amazing as I do! I think it’s awesome that you’re starting a fitness challenge on May 1st! I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes for you! 🙂


  2. I have been rocking out the Jillian Michael DVDs, but I really want to try a Bob Harper workout. Maybe because I just think Bob & I would get along in real life…Cheers to your workout progress!


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