3 Movies

I realized this morning that I messed up on the 10-day You Challenge.  I should have only listed 4 books and not 5.  Oh well.  As I mentioned, choosing only 5 influential books was difficult enough.  Only choosing 4?  Well, that’s about as difficult as…….

Picking 3 of my favorite movies!  Nooooooooooooooo, that’s way too hard!  I LOVE movies!  How do I choose just 3?  I can’t, but here are three movies that I would recommend to someone who doesn’t watch a lot of movies.

1.  STAR WARS, EPISODE 4 I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie.  Maybe 30 times?  And I’ve watched Episodes 5 and 6 almost as many times, but the original Star Wars is the bomb.

2.  LORD OF THE RINGS  Again, I’ve seen this movie probably about a dozen times, and I love the entire trilogy, but I always love the first movie of the trilogy best.

3.  FORKS OVER KNIVES  I recommend to EVERYONE that they have to watch this eye-opening documentary about the standard American diet and how it’s killing us.  I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has watched this movie and doesn’t switch to a plant-based diet.  The movie is frightening.

I start an official half-marathon training program today for a half-marathon I want to run on August 31.  I’m training with a friend I met online, so we’re virtually training together!

Other big news:  I bought a new swimsuit yesterday and it wasn’t the traumatic event that swimsuit shopping used to be!  I even bought a two-piece and feel pretty good about the way I look in it!  A big thank you to my plant-based diet and running for making it all possible!  🙂

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