She pooped!

After throwing up ALL DAY on Monday, the medical team did an abdominal x-ray and found that Kayla had a blockage in one of her bowels because it hadn’t started working again since the surgery last Wednesday.   Great, we thought, we finally know why Kayla has been so sick.  The treatment:  a nasal feeding tube.

Kayla was so desperate to stop feeling sick that she would agree to anything.  The nasal feeding tube was inserted and the tube was used to suck all of the bile and other gunk that was blocking up her bowel.  This procedure would “reset” Kayla’s bowel and encourage it to start doing its job.

Poor Kayla.  The tube made her gag.  She hated it.  She looked miserable.  I decided it might be a good time for me to go home for a while to take a shower and “get some rest”, as my husband likes to say.  Get some rest.  Yeah right.  I’m going to get rest knowing that Kayla is at the hospital, miserable and sick.  I hated leaving her, but I had to go home and shower, get some clean clothes, and see my dogs.  I also needed to have a mini breakdown.

While at home, I cried and I begged God to give Kayla a break.  Please let her heal.  Please let her get well so that she can go home.

I went back to the hospital and later in the afternoon, the medical team came by to see how Kayla was doing.  They wanted her to have that damn tube in overnight.  I knew there was no way in hell Kayla would be able to tolerate having that thing in overnight and sure enough, when they told her that, she started crying and begged them to take the tube out.  It was heartwrenching.  These people are not cold, uncaring people. I’m sure they thought it was heartbreaking as well and they told Kayla that they would remove the tube under the condition that it would have to go back in if she started vomiting again.  She agreed.

The difference in Kayla after they took that tube out was nothing short of a miracle.  For the first time since before her surgery, Kayla smiled.  She got up and did her walks without any protest.  She slept most of the night with no nausea or significant pain.

Today, Kayla had a GREAT day.  The nausea is gone.  She is back to her old self.  She is smiling, joking, and enjoying the visitors who are coming by.  She is dying to eat something (she was only allowed clear liquids today).

The best news:  she pooped.

For those of you who haven’t had surgery or know someone that has had surgery, one of the key questions that the medical team will ask every single time they come to check in on you:

“Have you had a bowel movement?”

With Kayla’s post-surgical problems, pooping is a huge milestone.  It means that both of her bowels are awake and functioning properly.

I happened to be at home when I got the text from David:  “Kayla is pooping.”

For the first time since Kayla got sick and we found out she had cancer, I cried tears of pure joy.  I texted all of our family and friends:  “Kayla pooped!!”  And everyone felt the same joy that I did.  The doctors and nurses were excited as well.

Pooping means that she is getting better, and she can go home very, very soon.  It means that this nightmare we’ve been living over the last week is finally ending.

We still have a rough few months ahead with Kayla’s chemotherapy, but for now, I’m just enjoying Kayla’s return to health.  It will be so good to get her home.

Thank you, God, for answering my prayer.

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