A new addition

Meet Kali!

Kali 1-15-18

David and I have been considering getting another dog for a while now.  Since Lillie passed away, our beagle, Jasper, seemed depressed and anxious.  He and Lillie, while not the best of friends, lived together for 8 years, so we think he was just used to having another dog around.  David felt it would be good for me, too.  I’ve missed having a lap dog to cuddle.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the local shelter websites and decided to visit the shelter yesterday.  The shelter staff told us we could go back to where the dogs were kept and let them know if there was anyone we were interested in.

Guys, it was completely sad and overwhelming.  So many dogs.  So many cats.  As soon as we walked in, the cats started mewing and coming to the front of their kennels.  When we got to the dog area, all of the dogs started barking, some of them frightened, some of them excited to see us.  We had every intention of looking at the smaller dogs, and there were plenty of them, but as soon as we saw Kali, we just knew that she was the one.

Kali is a 5-1/2 month old lab mix who was an owner surrender.  Her owners brought her in because their landlord told them they couldn’t have a second dog.  Sigh.  I try not to judge.  Perhaps they thought that since they had one dog that it would be okay to have a second.  Who knows?

We took Kali outside to get to know her.  Then we brought her inside and visited with her in a room.  We were instantly in love with her.  The shelter staff told us that they would need to review our application and call our vet for a reference, and we’d have to bring our other dog in to make sure that the dogs got along okay.  We immediately went home and got Jasper and brought him back to the shelter.  We took the dogs outside to the fenced-in area and Jasper seemed oblivious to Kali.  He was more worried about the 1001 smells in the yard.  Kali tried to jump all over Jasper, but one small growl from Jasper corrected that, and they both happily ran around.  We knew it would be okay.

We came inside, we told the shelter staff that the two dogs seemed to get along okay and the woman said, “So is it a yes?”  David and I both said, “YES!!” and she asked us if we wanted to take her home right then.  OMG, yes!!

As soon as we brought her home, I gave Kali a bath.  She smelled and was a bit dirty.  She was great in the bath.  The staff told us that she’s not potty trained, but so far, she has been fine.  We take her outside to the backyard and she goes potty.  She gets in the kennel with no resistance.  Last night when we went to bed, we put her in the kennel, she gave one short bark, and then was quiet the rest of the night.  And she didn’t go potty in her kennel.

Although she is not a “lap dog”, Kali instantly became my shadow!  She follows me everywhere and lays next to me on the couch.  She is the sweetest dog.  She is already fitting in perfectly with our family.

If you are looking for a furry companion, go to the local shelter.  There are so many wonderful animals who just need a good home.  They just want someone to love them and take care of them.  I wish we could have brought them all home with us.


9 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. We went through something similar with Lola — only she really adored Chester (who wasn’t that into her). They lived together for 9 years. She seemed ok at first, but after a few months she seemed depressed, too.

    Of course our transition was a whole lot harder, but long story short, she loves Bandit (who again, is mostly indifferent to her — seems her lot in life). I do believe that it’s keeping her younger, though.

    Good luck with all the puppy stuff! So much fun (and so much work).


    1. Honestly, Kali hasn’t been a lot of work at all! She already seems to be crate-trained and potty-trained! She plays a bit too rough and rowdy with Jasper, but he’s not afraid to let her know that he’s unhappy with her! I think that they are going to be great friends once she is out of the puppy stage and calms down. Kali has a lot of energy, but also seems content to be a couch potato, too. ❤

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      1. David was home with her yesterday. Today is the first day that we had to leave her in her kennel while we both work. My daughter is going to stop over on her lunch break to let her out. It’s so hard to leave her, but she seems to be adjusting well to our daily routines.

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