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Good morning! I hope you’ve had a good week. I admit, this week was challenging for me. Between feeling sad about losing Jasper, some issues at work, the continuing pandemic, and the upcoming election, I’ve been feeling stressed. I’ve been telling myself for years that I need to start meditating to calm my mind, but… Continue reading Unstress

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Start Where You Are

Hey you, yes you.  Sitting on the sidelines, watching and feeling frozen, not sure how to get your momentum going. You’re where you’re at because you’ve developed a pattern that’s comfortable.  You feel like crap, but you’re in a comfort zone.  A routine that keeps your fear and anxiety at a tolerable level. Or you’re… Continue reading Start Where You Are

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Lean & Strong Mid Phase 2 Update

Hello, everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday has been painless so far.  I had a great weekend filled with Netflix binge-watching.  The hubby and I finished The Haunting of Hill House and Godless.  I would highly recommend both shows!  Also, I learned this weekend that a $13 glass of… Continue reading Lean & Strong Mid Phase 2 Update

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Lean & Strong Phase 1 – FINAL Results

Good morning!  Is it cold in your neck of the woods?  It feels like 25 degrees here.  Yesterday I had to bring out the winter coat.  Winter is coming, folks. I am pleased to report that I completed Phase 1 of my challenge.  I went 30 days with no alcohol.  I’m so proud of myself! … Continue reading Lean & Strong Phase 1 – FINAL Results